Sarah Shepard’s Reading Head Start Review

Reading Head Start ReviewALERT: This is our honest and & in-depth review. Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

Every child will struggle at the beginning of their student year. When your child starts to communicate with you and is almost near to getting admitted to a kindergarten, then you can use this program for giving a kick-start to their learning journey. It is very hard to help a child in learning new things from books so Reading Head Start Program has been created in a way that will make studying fun and exciting for them.

What is Reading Head Start?

Sarah Shepard is the author of the program and she has developed this program to help children who are new learners and come under the age category of 2 to 9. Those who have young children and want them to become smart and confident should definitely get this program as it will help the children’s brain to develop and they will able to make better based on the situation.


Reading Headstarts is the program which will help you in improving the reading capability of your child. You can easily download the ebook from the official website in any of your digital devices like a smartphone or computer. It is not available for free so you will have to invest in order to access them.

The process of learning has been broken down into four phases in order to increase the simplicity. You will have to spend 15 minutes every day for three times a week in order to help your child to learn.

After completion of each phase, the child will be provided with the certificate of completion which will help to boost the self-esteem of the child and morale.

This program has been made for sharpening the child phonemic skills and build the sound association skills with the help of rhyme. The entire process of learning is exciting and fun so that the child is not getting bored.


  • User-friendly: It is a very user-friendly program where all you have to do is click the button for playing it and all the videos will be launched on the screen in order to teach the procedures. You can manage the videos according to your own pace and all you have to spend is just 15 minutes every day for three times a week until your child is completing all the four levels.
  • Fun learning: There are several guides and interactive games which are surely going to make the learning process more fun and enjoyable. It will be also fun for you. It will break down all the hard things into simpler blocks so that you won’t have to force the child to study and instead can see them rushing towards learning from them.
  • Effective: It is very effective and it works the way it has promised. You can also watch the reviews online on YouTube or on the official website and look into the reviews of satisfied clients.
  • Affordability: The affordability of the product is surely going to convince you to try out this program. You will have to take the trial for just $1 and it will be available to you for 3 days. If you are happy with the program, then you can pay $37 every month. If you want to skip the trial period, then you will be getting better offers. Now you will have to spend $16 every month for 1 year and for getting the lifetime access you will have to spend 297 dollars.
  • Guarantee: The guarantee which is provided with this product is very impressive. If you are not provided with the resultant then you can easily initiate the refund procedure and the money back guarantee is available for 1 year.


If you have a little time throughout the day to provide then this system won’t be helpful. You will have to provide 15 minutes to your child every night and three times a week. If this time sounds too demanding for any parent, then it is a better option not to invest money in this. For learning from this program you will be needing a stable and reliable internet connection in order to take full advantage of the program. All the games, videos, workbooks, and exercise are present in the member’s area.

Who should buy it?

The program has been designed in a way so that children of different ages can be easily taught. This course contains several information and is very affordable. A child’s mind should be shaped from a very young age and starting from the beginning is very important if you are aiming for a successful life in the later stages. This system or program will help your child to achieve the goal and make them learn everything in an enjoyable and fun way.

This system doesn’t provide 100% guarantee that your child can easily read brilliantly, but it will help them to develop interest towards studies. So if you want your child to start learning only in order to save them from the struggle which they may have to face in the school due to their bad reading skills than trying out this program will definitely be a good option.


One can easily avail the trial offer at $1 and you will be provided with the money back guarantee of 365 days. Giving this thing a try wouldn’t be a loss.


This Reading Head Start Program also provides you with several benefits at zero cost.

You will be provided with reading shortcuts that will be highly effective and help the children to easily lock the words in their mind. It will increase the progress of your child and help them to understand and learn advanced words.

This book will help in improving the reading ability of the child and has been designed in a way so that the child will find it to be enjoyable.

It provides a game series online which will help your child to learn reading as well as have fun at the same time.


This program will surely help your child’s ability of reading and will also help you in spending more time with your child.

Visit an official website if you want to purchase this product immediately.

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Simone says October 2, 2018

The program is ok but nothing to write home about, in my opinion. It’s not bad by any means but I guess I was expecting more. What I liked most were the reading shortcuts; these were helpful indeed.

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